About Us


Our relentless pursuit is to always provide homeowners, builders, and architects with superior quality wood and wood products that are affordable using timber exclusively originating from sustainable managed forests – totally eco-friendly. New River Enterprises Ltd. is committed to developing talents, and offering you the most distinctive variety of professionally made furniture you can treasure while granting you exceptional customer service.


New River Enterprises Ltd., the flagship that succeeded Mr. Joseph B. Loskot’s original ideas and efforts, expands and evolves within the parameters of sustainable harvesting. The company, like its founder, is committed to conservation, to value-added products, to art and culture, to the creation of jobs, to the development of talents, and, last but not least, to customer satisfaction in every way. The artisans who create our products humbly manifest all these commitments in the delicately hand-crafted quality of their work. The beautiful and elegant home furnishings, exquisite doors, and other wood products we manufacture are made from a wide range of species of Tropical Woods – some famous, some unknown such as Genuine mahogany, Chechem, Red Tamarind, Billy Webb, Mayflower, Mylady, Black Cabbage Bark, Granadillo, Ziricote, Jobillo, Rosewood and others. The greatest of care is taken to manage the forests where these woods come from. Our primary motive is to design and manufacture all our wood products using the very finest of craftsmanship and expertise at very competitive prices and to provide the best possible service to all cherished customers.

We will always strive to be recognized as the best at what we do in our market and industry.

We will always strive to be recognized as providing the highest quality office and home furnishings and service to our country and to all those we serve.

We will strive to recruit, hire and retain the most talented individuals available and provide them with a rewarding work experience for years to come.

We intend to always instill in each of our employees a collective commitment to the common goal to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations each and every time.

And lastly, our vision is to achieve a profitable return to the organization to be able to provide more jobs and offer more to our beloved country Belize.